Monitor every student device with ClassHub

Teachers no longer have to wonder how students are using mobile devices during class.
With ClassHub, they know… and that makes all the difference.

Screen Peek

Screen peek is one of the most exciting ClassHub features. It gives educators the ability to see what is happening on each and every student device in their class. This allows teachers to evaluate student performance, learning pace and device usage. Most importantly, it allows them to make on-the-fly or calculated adjustments to any individual task, assignment or lesson.

Screen Peek in Action

Gauge Progress
If students are using their devices to complete an assignment, the teacher can use the ClassHub screen peek feature to gauge student progress. If everyone is nearly finished, the teacher can begin providing instructions for next steps. If the task is taking students a little longer than expected, the teacher can allow more time to work.

Identify Problem-Solving Techniques
When students use their devices to complete an assignment, a teacher can use screen peek to see if students are using different problem-solving methods to arrive at the correct answer. The teacher can then use the ClassHub screen-sharing feature to prompt one or more of those students to share their device screen to highlight the different methods that can be used to solve the same problem.

Limit Distractions
Sometimes students get distracted. It happens. Perhaps a student is perusing Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or another social platform during class. With screen peek, you will notice when this is happening, and you can send a customizable private message to the appropriate device telling the distracted student to focus on the task at hand.

Want more examples of how the ClassHub screen peek feature can be used in class?

Device Compatibility

The ClassHub screen peek feature works with the most commonly used classroom devices. It doesn’t matter if your students are using iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, Surface Pros, Macs or Windows computers. You’ll be able to see all of them.

How To Access Screen Peek

The screen peek feature is accessed through the ClassHub Classroom Manager. Once a teacher opens ClassHub and begins the class session, screen peek will be presented as one of a number of student device management actions.