Wirelessly Display Student Devices With ClassHub

Presenting student devices to the rest of the class has never been easier.

Student-to-teacher screen sharing

The ability to wirelessly display a student’s device is one of the most convenient features in the ClassHub Classroom Manager. Students no longer need to huddle around a peer’s device. Teachers no longer need to manually connect devices or switch audiovisual inputs to share student work.

ClassHub lets teachers prompt a student’s device to wirelessly connect to the teacher’s computer. Then, teachers simply connect their computer to a projector, interactive whiteboard or another external display so the entire class can see what’s happening on that student’s device.

Student screen sharing in action

If students are using an app to solve a series of math equations, the teacher will be able to see every student device screen using the screen peek feature in the ClassHub Classroom Manager. This will show them which students are excelling or finding unique ways to solve problems. The teacher can use ClassHub to prompt a student to share his or her device screen and show the rest of the class how to solve an equation.

Device Compatibility

The ClassHub student-to-teacher screen-sharing feature works with the most commonly used classroom devices, including iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, Surface Pros, Macs or Windows computers.