ClassHub is Better with Clever

We partnered with Clever, a student information system integration service,
to make ClassHub easy to deploy in your school or district.

What's Clever?

Clever is a free service used by about 50% of U.S. school districts. It connects a school district’s student information system to learning applications so student roster information doesn't have to be manually transferred to each learning app.

Clever connects ClassHub with information contained in your district’s student information system. For example, Clever provides ClassHub with class times, student names, teacher names, the classes teachers teach, school start and stop times, school names and the classes students attend.

Getting Clever

You need Clever in order to get started with ClassHub. If you’re not using it already, the Clever team will set you up and do all of the work for you. It’s free for schools.


Getting ClassHub

Our Clever partnership makes ClassHub easy to deploy. ClassHub can be completely deployed in just a couple days once a school or district commits to the service.