ClassHub is a secure, cross-platform Mobile Device Management (MDM) service made for teachers but powerful enough for IT Administrators.

An MDM solution should be three things: secure, compatible with your technology and easy to integrate into your school or district. We took all of this into account when creating ClassHub. ClassHub was created using feedback from educators and is an advanced MDM service that’s designed to work with the most common classroom devices today.

ClassHub gives you iOS MDM control and access to status and information about Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows devices. ClassHub gives your teachers the ability to see student screens, push content and send messages to student devices, lock student devices into a specific app, and initiate student screen sharing between devices.

Cross-platform Support

Compatible Student Tech

ClassHub is a cross-platform solution that works with 97% of currently deployed classroom devices in the United States. This includes: Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Surface Pros, Windows computers and Mac computers

Compatible Teacher Tech

The ClassHub classroom management software runs on a teacher’s Mac or Windows computer. This is where teachers access classroom operations features like content sharing and screen monitoring.

Admin Portal

As an IT administrator, you’re able to see and manage all enrolled student devices and their details in the ClassHub administration portal.

Basic iOS MDM features are included with ClassHub. ClassHub integrates with third-party services to provide MDM features for Chrome OS, Windows and MacOS.


We partnered with Clever to make setup even easier. Clever automatically imports all of your class, school, teacher and student data into ClassHub. If you’re not using Clever already, they’ll set you up for free and do all of the work for you. That means you don’t have to manually enter information for every device.

Not using Clever? It’s free, and Clever does all the work for you!

Secure and private

ClassHub is FERPA and SOPIPA compliant, and we work with each district to ensure compliance to state and local student data and privacy policies. We take measures to ensure data is always encrypted and transmitted securely. As a commitment to student data privacy, we’ve taken the Student Privacy Pledge.

Get ClassHub

Our team is happy to answer all of your questions about ClassHub, student privacy, implementation and professional development opportunities.