Manage And Monitor Student Devices With Ease

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  • ChromeOS
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS


ClassHub is a classroom operations tool that allows teachers to easily manage the diverse technology students are using in the classroom. It provides educators with a wide range of monitoring and management options from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Classroom technology should complement learning, and ClassHub does just that. We designed ClassHub as a powerful, unobtrusive solution for teachers and IT administrators to ensure students remain on task when using devices in the classroom.

ClassHub manages common classroom devices and works with the Reflector software already deployed in more than 100,000 classrooms.

Monitor Students

The ClassHub screen peek feature allows teachers to view any student screen without alerting them. Teachers can view one student screen or all the devices in the class at the same time. Passive monitoring keeps everyone on track.

Push content to Students

An important part of any classroom is sharing content and class material with students. ClassHub gives teachers the power to push content from their computer to every student in the classroom. Real-time sharing means students stay engaged and participate in every lesson.

Share student Content

A majority of lessons today involve students completing work on their own devices. ClassHub allows teachers to share a student's screen with the entire class. Don’t worry about disrupting class to ask students to share. ClassHub automatically does the work for you behind the scenes.

Cross-Platform Support

ClassHub is a cross-platform solution that works with 97% of currently deployed classroom devices in the United States: iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Surface Pro, Mac and Windows computers. Every classroom feature is available for every supported device. That means BYOD, 1:1, cart and lab environments can all use ClassHub without limitations.

Simple Setup and Enrollment

Most classroom operations solutions are complicated and confusing to set up. ClassHub is the opposite. We’ve learned from others, and we made the process for enrolling devices as easy as possible.

Instead of doing a complicated set up on every device, we do the heavy lifting and make enrolling new devices quick and painless. High-quality tech support and ongoing professional development are available with ClassHub. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Clever Beginnings

We partnered with Clever to make importing all of your student, teacher, class and school information easy and secure. If your school uses Clever, you’ll be up and running with ClassHub in no time.

Not using Clever? It’s free, and Clever does all the work for you!

Secure and Private

ClassHub is FERPA and SOPIPA compliant. We work with each district to ensure compliance to student data and privacy policies. As a commitment to student data privacy, we’ve taken the Student Privacy Pledge. Data is always encrypted and transmitted securely.

We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Features Designed for the Classroom

ClassHub was designed using teacher feedback. That’s why you’ll find a ton of classroom-focused features that make teaching with technology easier.


Screen peek allows teachers to view any student screen without alerting them.


Use the ClassHub portal to prompt students to begin sharing their screen to the front of the room.


Teachers can push their screen to every student device at once to share relevant content with students.


Teachers have the power to install and remove apps across all student devices at the same time.


Lock devices into specific applications to keep students on task.


Keep students on track by sending alerts directly to their devices.


Automatically open webpages on any or all devices in a class.

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